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All about bearings

No, this is not a throw back Thursday post, but rather a very informational video on how to replace the bearings on an IPSO machine.

The components of a bearing kit can seem intimidating, but once broken down, are easy to understand. This tutorial acts as a general guide to aid in the replacement process.


Looking for a particular bearing kit, or not sure what you are looking for? Here is a list of the bearing kits FrontecStore has to offer;

Kits that Fit for Primus/Lavamac –

W6, W7, R6, R7, W10, R18, RS18, R22, RS22

Kits that Fit for IPSO –

WE 55, WE73, WE95, WE110, WE132, WE165, WE181, WE176, WE234

HW64, HW72, HW75, HW94, Hw131, HW164

HF65, HF72, HF95, HF110, HF132, HF165

HC60, HC65, HC75, HC100, HC135, HC165

WF & WFF 65, WF & WFF 75, WF & WFF 100, WF & WFF150,

WF & WFF185, WF & WFF135, WF & WFF165

Kits that Fit for Electrolux –

W75, W365S, W385S,W375N
W385N,W375H, W385H
W465S, W485S,W475N
W485N,W475H, W485H
W565S, W585S,W575N
W585N,W575H, W585H
W618, W620, E620, EX618
991312, Replaces # 472991312
W3105S, W3130S, W3105N, W3130N
W3105M, W3130M, W3105H, W3130H
W4105S, W4130S, W4105N, W4130N
W4105M, W4130M, W4105H, W4130H
W5105N, W5130N, W5105M, W5130M
W5105H, W5130H, W625, E625, EX625
W630, E630, EX 630
991313, Replaces # 472991313


W3180M, W3180N
W4180M, W4180N, W4180S
W5180N, W5180S
W640, 991314, Replaces # 472991314

If you have any questions about what these numbers mean, call us! We will  walk you through the product selection to find what parts are right for you.

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