1x Dryer Drum Support Roller Replaces 487174912 for Electrolux, ELS


1x Dryer Drum Support Roller Replaces 487174912 for Electrolux

Drum support roller holds the drum in place when the drum spins on the support wheels.
WARNING : Unplug the dryer before replacing this part, and wear appropriate protective gear (such as gloves).

Original Manufacturer’s Part Number: 487174912
Cross Reference and Model Information
487174912 fits for dryer models:
AEG 130A, AEG 130K
PD5, PD6
TT130, TT131, TT132, TT136
T2130, T5130, T4130

Dryer Drum Support Roller is also referred to as:

En. Guide Roller

De: Stödsrad

Fr: Roue d’appvi

It: Ingranaggio Supporto

Sp: Rueda de Soporte

Sv: Stödhjul

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