4 x Gray Door Knob & Lock Shaft with 1yr Warranty – for Electrolux, ELS, Wascator, Wascomat


4 x Gray Knobs for Electrolux
Replaces OEM #472992002


4 x Door Locking Shaft Kits for Electrolux
Replaces OEM #472992001.

Prices include 1 year full warranty with free replacement.

Fits for Electrolux, ELS, Wascator, Wascomat.

For Models:

W465S, W475N, W475H, W485S, W485N, W485H,

W565S, W575N, W575H,W585S,W585N, W585H,

EX618, W620, E620, W625, E625, EX625,W630, E630, EX630, W640, E640, EX640,

W4105S, W4105N, W4105M, W4105H, W4130S, W4130N, W4130M,W4130H,

W5105N, W5130N,W5105M, W5130M,W5105H, W5130H,

W4180S, W4180M, W4180N, W5180S, W5180N.


Complete Door Knob Also Referred to as:

De Knopf Komplett

Fr: SĂ©lecteur rotatif complet

Sp: Manecilla Completo

Lock Shaft Also Referred to as:

De: Schlosswelle

Fr: Axe de Verrovillage

Sp: Eje de Cierre

Quality Commercial Laundry parts.

All parts are quality tested before delivery!

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