8 x Rotary Timer Knob Assembly Alliance ALS Speed Queen Whirlpool, Maytag, Kleenmaid, Amana 510287 510287W 510287L


“Package Contains 8 (Qty of 8) 8 x ASSY TIMER KNOB, White
Fits many Dryers and Washers for Alliance, ALS, Speed Queen, Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kleenmaid, Huebsch, Ipso, Unimac.
Here are just a few parts for those brands:
510287L, 510287, 510287W, WP502220W, 502220W , 40013601C, 502220L, 512117W, 512117Q, Y504002, 5-4002, 5-0311, 504002, 500775W, 500311, 505178W

This is an OEM part. New and never used. Fits on many Brands & models. But here are some models for Kleenmaid:
All work on the following dryer and washer machines:
With L or W for White or Almond Colored machine
LEB07A*-1709 = LEB07AW-1709 LEB07AL-1709
LEK33A*-4350 = LEK33AW-4350 LEK33AL-4350
LES19A*-3000 = LES19AW-3000 LES19AL-3000
LES19A*-4500 = LES19AW-4500 LES19AL-4500
LES33A*-3000 = LES33AW-3000 LES33AL-3000
LES33A*-3300 = LES33AW-3300 LES33AL-3300
LES33A*-4350 = LES33AW-4350 LES33AL-4350
LES33A*-4562 = LES33AW-4562 LES33AL-4562
LES33A*B3018 = LES33AWB3018 LES33ALB3018
LEY47A*-1709 = LEY47AW-1709 LEY47AL-1709
LEZ33A*-3000 = LEZ33AW-3000 LEZ33AL-3000
LEZ33A*B3018 = LEZ33AWB3018 LEZ33ALB3018
LGK33A*-3058 = LGK33AW-3058 LGK33AL-3058
LGS19A*-3088 = LGS19AW-3088 LGS19AL-3088
LGS33A*-3000 = LGS33AW-3000 LGS33AL-3000
LGS33A*-3058 = LGS33AW-3058 LGS33AL-3058
LGS33A*-3080 = LGS33AW-3080 LGS33AL-3080
LGS33A*B3013 = LGS33AWB3013 LGS33ALB3013
LGS33A*B3080 = LGS33AWB3080 LGS33ALB3080
LGY47A*-1109 = LGY47AW-1109 LGY47AL-1109
LGZ33A*-3000 = LGZ33AW-3000 LGZ33AL-3000
LGZ33A*B3013 = LGZ33AWB3013 LGZ33ALB3013
For all “*” Add Letter To Designate Color. L – Almond W – White.

This knob is white. Will fit other colored machines but may not match Almond color.

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