B12403001 9001885P Door Lock Washer 1yr Warranty Alliance IPSO 217/00052/00 4pk


Quantity of 4 / 4 pack / 4 x Replacement Door Lock Assemblies for IPSO washer

We are so sure of these door locks, they come with a 1 year replacement Warranty.

No extra harness needed.

IPSO 217/00052/00, 217/00052/00A, 217/00052/01, 217/00052/01A, 217/00052/05,
9001475, 9001885, 9001885P, B12517701 and B12403001.
2170005200, 2170005200A, 2170005201, 2170005201A, 2170005205
0005200, 0005200A, 0005201, 0005201A, 0005205

Quality Commercial Laundry parts.
All parts are quality tested before delivery by our dedicated professionals!

Because FrontecStore strives for excellence, we ensure that our laundry parts are of the highest caliber. Before delivery, each part is thoroughly inspected for quality by dedicated laundry professionals.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in


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