D511014P Heating Element Heater 4500W / 380 / 230V / 50HZ IPSO Primus Whirlpool

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D511014P OEM Washer/Dryer HEATER 4500/380/230V/50HZ PKG

Heating Element / HEATER 4500/380/230V/50HZ PKG

Brand New / Never Used / Never Installed

Genuine Alliance Part #:D511014P

Replaces the following Part #: RSP511014, RSP511014P, RSPD511014, 511014P, 511014, D511014, TU21456, TU21659

And also replaces the following Parts#

MFP# 3455265

Danube SAVDD80010

Danube SAVZOD0281

Fagor 12027140

Fagor SPQ511014P

Grand Plants 52SQ0511014

IPSO 511014P


IPSO TU21456

Primus PRI342100053

Primus RSPS11014

Whirlpool 751101

Whirlpool 771985008875

Fagor Dryer SE-7, LEN37AW4018

Fagor Washer NTEL17WN4064, NTEX77WN4064, PD-10

Girbau Dryer SDE7, SE7

Grandimpianti Dryer ERE83

Primus Dryer D8, D9, DA9

Whirlpool Dryer SACE8, SWE290, SWE291, SWE390, SWE391, SWE90, SWE91

IPSO Dryer ADE, ADG, AEZ17A, AEZ28A, AEZ68A, AGZ17A, AGZ28A, AGZ68A, BD3, BDE, BDG, BDG809, BDG909, BFE, BFEL07, BFEL07WG4018, BFEX07, BFEX07WG4018, BFGL09, BFGX09, BT3, BTE, BTEL17, BTEL75, BTEL77, BTEX17WN4065, BTEX75, BTEX77, BTG, BTGX79, CDE, CDG, CEZ68A, CGZ68A, FDE, FDE807, FDG, FEN16A, FEN17A, FES16A, FES17A, FEU17A, FEZ17A, FGN16A, FGN17A, FGS17A, FGZ17A, GDE807, GDE907, GFE, GFG, HDE, HDE007, HDE107, HDE507, HDE707, HDE807, HDE907, HDEB07, HDEF07, HDER07, HDET07, HDEX07, HDEY07, HDEZ07, HDG, HDG009, HDG109, HDG509, HDG709, HDG809, HDG909, HDGB09, HDGF09, HDGR09, HDGT09, HDGX09, HDGY09, HDGZ09, HFE167, HFE507, HFE707, HFEB07, HFEL47, HFEL67, HFEX07, HFEY07, HFG509, HFG709, HFGX09, HFGY09, HTE, HTEB77, HTET77, HTEX77, HTEY77, HTG, HTGB79, HTGT79, HTGX79, HTGY79, JDE, JDE807, JDE907, JDG, JDG809, JDG909, JT1, JT2, JTE, JTG, KFE, KFG, KU3, LDE, LDG, LDL, LEB07A, LED17A, LEG37A, LEH37A, LEK37A, LEN27A, LEN37A, LES17A, LES27A, LES28A, LES33A, LES37A, LET57A, LET67A, LET68A, LEY47A, LEZ27A, LEZ37A, LEZ57A, LEZ67A, LGG37A, LGH37A, LGK37A, LGN27A, LGN37A, LGS17A, LGS27A, LGS37A, LGS38A, LGS40A, LGT57A, LGT68A, LGY47A, LGZ27A, LGZ37A, LGZ57A, LGZ67A, MDE, MDE8426AGW, MDG, ND3, NDE, NDE007, NDE807, NDE907, NDG, NDG809, NDG909, NFEL47, NFEL67, NFEX07, NFGL49, NFGX09, NT1, NT2, NT3, NTE, NTEL77, NTEX77, NTG, NTGL79, NTGX79, NTH, PD3, PDE, PDE807, PDG, PDG809, PT2, PT3, PTE, PTG, RDE, RDG, SDE, SDE007, SDE107, SDE407, SDE807, SDE907, SDEA07, SDEF07, SDEX07, SDG, SDG009, SDG109, SDG409, SDG809, SDG909, SDGF09, SDGX09, SDL, SFEA07, SFEL07, SFEL67, SFEX67, SFEY07, SFGL09, SFGX09, ST3, STE, STEA77, STEB77, STEF77, STET77, STEX77, STEY77, STG, STGA73, STGA79, STGB79, STGF79, STGT79, STGX73, STGX79, STGY79, STL, TT3, UDE007, UDE807, UDG009, UDG809, YDE, YDG, ZDE, ZDG

Quality Commercial Laundry parts.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in


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